AGLI Seeking New Volunteers & Treasurer

The AGLI Working Group is seeking new members who are Quakers and/or understand Quaker values; have knowledge and interest in peace building and in the cultures of East Africa; and have a heart for working with diverse people, different tribes and communities, followers of different religions or no religion. Working group members must be able to participate regularly on monthly conference calls and will need access to the Internet. The conference calls are conducted in English. Additionally, ability to communicate in French, Kiswahili, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda or other languages in use in the AGLI region is desirable. People with the following skills would be especially helpful to the Working Group: Accounting, Development, Website Development/Communications, and Personnel.

The WG is also looking for a volunteer to become treasurer of the initiative at the beginning of 2018.

Please contact AGLI working group clerk, Susan Nowelsky and Tom Paxson if you are interested in the position of treasurer.