Asia West Pacific’s Fall Newsletter

Have you read Asia West Pacific Initiative’s 2016 Fall Newsletter?

Building on a rich history of grassroots peace work

On half of the planet, Friends Peace Teams’ Asia West Pacific Initiative helps reduce religious violence avert armed conflict recover from US- and increasingly Australia- supported wars and significantly curb human rights abuses in the forests.

In the process we learn a lot, not least about how to carry on our own legacy of Quaker peace work, relying on the power of love, seeking that of God in everyone and rejecting enemy-making. We engage with peace workers in Central Java, North Sumatra, Aceh in Indonesia; Manila, Tagbilaran City, Davao City in the Philippines; Kathmandu, Pokara and Bhutanese camps in Nepal; and maintain a concern for peace workers in Palestine, Israel, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Ukraine, New Zealand and Australia.

Committed to liberation from oppression and drawing on the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), naturalized Reevaluation Counseling and Quaker discernment, Nanik and Petrus continue to develop an amazing resource at Peace Place in Indonesia. The Nepalese are recovering from the devastating earthquake, while supporting training for teachers, young people and Bhutanese refugees in Nepal. Filipinos continue to expand AVP workshops. Throughout the region we are looking for new stories to add to the Power of Goodness Global Story Pool for nonviolence and reconciliation. This a tremendous resource for Friends at home, meeting, church and school.

Download the newsletter to read more about:

  • A Decade of Tsunami Relief in Indonesia
  • Moving from Relief to Recovery in Nepal
  • Power of Goodness
  • Concern for Bhutanese Refugees
  • Peace Place Continues to Grow

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