Peace Place: A Year in Review

2016 was a wonderful year of growth for Peace Place! Our friends at Asia West Pacific Initiative of Friends Peace Teams (FPT-AQP) recently shared an end-of-year update.

2016 International Training for Peace

2016 began with a very successful International Training for Peace. The diversity of participants added much to the training this year. We welcomed two participants from West Papua, as well as participants from Australia, the Philippines, the U.S., and Indonesia. We hosted housewives, teachers, religious leaders, college students, and some of their children.

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New Land and Recognition for Peace Place

Beginning in January 2016 FPT-AWP began to gather support for the purchase of land directly adjacent to Peace Place. On 16 May 2016, a purchase transaction payment was made and the first phase of the purchase was initiated. At that time, it was agreed that the difference would be paid no later than one year later. On 18 November 2016 Peace Place was able to pay off the purchase of the land. Payment is now complete. Thank you to all who helped to make this purchase a reality!

With the purchase of the land next to Peace Place, Joglo Preschool has already begun using it for children’s activities as early as August 2016 with the help and support of students’ parents. Nanik reports:

A playground was equipped with a play area for riding bicycles with the installation of traffic signs. Also, swings, a merry-go-round and seesaw were installed. Every morning when the children come it is used to play together outside. Some children enjoy staying after school hours to play in these areas. In fact, every afternoon the area is also visited by neighborhood children coming to play. They are happy because finding a comfortable place to play is increasingly difficult in the village. Land is becoming limited and crowded with buildings for residential homes and open land for playing is not commonly found.

In addition to the new land, Joglo Preschool was recently recognized for its effective educational activities and local officials decided Joglo’s practices should be shared with others in the region. Joglo’s facilities exceed most Indonesian education programs with developmental activities, enhanced educational materials including wooden blocks, and a range of developmentally appropriate books not generally found in local schools.
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Volunteer Support

Thank you to all of this year’s volunteers!

Through the second half of 2016 Peace Place hosted volunteers and visitors from Germany and the US. Felicitous Zschoche (Feliz) from Germany stayed with Nanik and Petrus at Peace Place in Pati, Indonesia for 6 months. She helped to share AVP, reaching out to different age groups. Feliz was also a great help at Joglo Preschool with creative ideas for Developmental Play and Nonviolence. In addition to teaching lessons about recycling and the environment, she helped set up a playground and gardens on the new land! In June 2016, Heidi, Erik and their two daughters arrived at Peace Place from the United States. Their interest in visiting Peace Place was educational in the sense that they were committed to learning about Indonesian language and culture, and a philosophical interest in participating in and supporting the peace process. Erick and Heidi helped with English lessons and participated in local AVP workshops. Read all about it here and here.

New Website

While Feliz stayed at Peace Place, one of the activities she worked on was a new Peace Place website featuring a video with Nanik and Petrus introducing Peace Place to the world! We encourage everyone to take a look at it.


Throughout 2016, staff at Peace Place shared AVP workshops with local schools and community groups. Petrus reports that his hope is that AVP being introduced locally, the region will strengthen the community and village government so that village development can be conducted independently. Click for more.

4th Annual International Training for Peace

AVP training continues at Peace Place with the upcoming 4th Annual International Training for Peace in February 2017.

Registration for the International Peace Training currently has three Nepalese, five or six Americans, two Papuans, potentially five or six Koreans, two Barak Induk teachers, possibly a representative from QUNO Hong Kong, and many Indonesians. After the 7 days of training, several people will be traveling with Nadine to the remote island of Mentawai.
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