Announcing the 2017 FPT-AWP Peace Team to Indonesia and the Philippines

2017 FPT-AWP Peace Team 

to Indonesia and the Philippines


Register by 20 December 2016 • Contact us at for more information 

You are invited to accompany Nadine Hoover on a visit with Nanik and Petrus at Peace Place and neighboring communities in Indonesia, and to accompany Valerie Joy and Nadine Hoover on a visit with Kins Aparece and Ludwig bon Quirog in Manila and Bohol, Philippines.

Together, we share in experiential, practice-based workshops on skills for peaceful, conscientious living. Educational and training programs are based on the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP). This year we will focus on land rights activists and their struggles from numerous countries, but the training is excellent for any educator, parent, professional, peace worker or community organizer.

Feb 7-9 Travel to Peace Place, Pati, Central Java, Indonesia

Feb 12-18 International Peace Training

Feb 20 – 22 Visiting Joglo School and Local Communities and Schools

Feb 23 – Mar 2 Mentawai Island for AVP Workshops and School Visits

Mar 3-4 Travel to Manila, Philippines

Mar 4 Lecture on Resiliency – De La Salle University, Manila

Mar 5 AVP Refresher Reunion – Luzon

Mar 6 Resiliency Workshop – De La Salle University, Manila

Mar 7 Travel to Tagbilaran City

Mar 8 Lecture on Nonviolence and Developmental Play

Mar 9 Resiliency Workshop

Mar 11 AVP Refresher Reunion – Bohol

Mar 13 – 17 AVP Basic, Resiliency and Discernment Workshop


International Peace Training

12 – 18 February 2017 • Pati, Central Java

This experiential workshop begins with Alternatives to Violence Project Empowerment training and continues with Trauma Resiliency to practice personal and cooperative tools to live peaceful lives, discharge emotions and reprocess memories in order to face and heal from traumatic events. The workshop then closes with training on Transformative Mediation with Ann Dusseau and Renee Bove, who has over 20 years of experience. This mediation training helps people solve conflicts in their workplaces, organizations, and community, using basic skills to become a facilitative mediator.

Additionally, a Transformative Mediation Practicum will be held on 19 February for land rights activists, educators, parents, professionals and community leaders and organizers.

Participants are also invited to stay the week after (19-22 Feb) to observe or apprentice in Joglo Preschool and After-School programs.