African Great Lakes  

15th HROC-International Training Narrative

For the 15th time, HROC conducted a training for 13 Facilitators (eight men, five women). People gathered together from around the world. Nine countries were represented in this one! What diversity!

Participants came from different background, but most of them were peace workers as their daily job. Many came to learn HROC approaches and methodologies so they could go back home and start or join HROC activities.

The training took place at the HROC Center in Rwanda from July 7 to 27. IT participants had done the basic workshop in the first week of the training. The training started with the introduction and the background of HROC, then the basic workshop took place. The second week of the training covered the HROC IT topics. The third week was mainly for the IT participants doing practices for them to be ready to go back in their communities and be able to lead HROC basic workshops as one of the training’s objective.

This training was special because it had two apprentice facilitators, Shelly Straton, and MUKAZAYIRE Immacule. Immacule also acted as a translator because there were Congolese in the training who couldn’t speak English. So whenever she could facilitate, Solange MANIRAGUHA was there to translate, and vice versa.