• PeaceWays Fall-Winter 2017-18 is Here

    Click here to view PeaceWays Fall-Winter 2017-18 This large issue of PeaceWays contains background information as well as project news from several countries for each of the three initiatives: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia in Peacebuilding en Las Américas (PLA); Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Ukraine and North Caucasus, and Korea in Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific (FPT-AWP); and […]

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  • PeaceWays Spring-Summer 2017 is Here

    From its inception, Friends Peace Teams has provided an organizational structure for people wishing to carry out peacebuilding throughout the world.  Both the peacebuilders and the people who provide the supporting structure are primarily volunteers. This issue of PeaceWays focuses on examples of volunteers and invites the reader to consider volunteering to engage in and/or […]

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  • PeaceWays Fall-Winter 2016–17 is Here

    The peacebuilding training provided by Friends Peace Teams often produces positive effects that go beyond the immediate goals of the training.  Individuals’ lives, families, and communities are altered.  This issue delves into some of the reasons for these transformations and gives real-life examples. PeaceWays Fall-Winter 2016-17  

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