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  • Volunteer Spotlight: Coni Lustenberger

    Volunteer Spotlight: Coni Lustenberger

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  • Angry Mob

    Peacebuilding and Election Violence in Eastern Africa

    Some of the largest peace- building efforts, in terms of the numbers of people involved, that AGLI supports, concern elections. When large-scale violence erupted during the 2008 Kenya elections, it took everyone by surprise, including AGLI. Friends in Kenya, partly supported by AGLI, rushed to respond as well as they

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  • Visiting in Indonesia and Philippines 

    An update from FPT-Asia West Pacific: Nadine Hoover and others visited with Nanik and Petrus at Peace Place and neighboring communities in Indonesia, and accompanied Valerie Joy on a visit with Kins Aparece and Ludwig bon Quirog to Manila and Bohol, Philippines. The group shared in experiential, practice-based workshops on skills for

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  • US Speaking Tour with Focus on Nepali-Bhutanese Community

    FPT-AWP is pleased to announce that Jamuna Shrestha, a social worker, counselor, and an Alternatives to Violence Project facilitator in Nepal, will be speaking this spring around the eastern United States. Jamuna has a special interest in working with the Bhutanese in Nepal and with the reports that Bhutanese refugees in the

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  • YOU Could Be a Council Member

    Musicians, kindergarten teachers, meditation and yoga practitioners, mason’s helpers, ranchers, protesters, cross-country skiers, Raging Grannies, world travelers, war tax resisters, computer programmers, social workers…These are just a few of the descriptors of past or current professions and hobbies used by Friends Peace Team’s Council members. In a recent “getting to

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