We’re Hiring: Communications & Outreach Coordinator


Help us take the passion we have for the work of global peacebuilding and share it with our communities in the United States and throughout the world through the spoken and written word. Peacebuilding is a personal and communal process. We need your help in proactively managing our external and internal communications and outreach to create an even stronger network of Friends concerned for peace.

We are looking for a person familiar and comfortable with Quaker testimonies, practice, and communities who also has interest and experience in communications and outreach materials.  We need someone who works well independently, is self-directed, well-organized, detail-oriented, and has strong English-language written communication skills.

An ease with technology is also important (Word, Excel, Adobe (pdf), Facebook, Flickr, WordPress, GoogleDocs, Skype, Zoom, and of course, email).  Graphic skills would be a BONUS.  Also required is an up-to-date computer with current software–Microsoft Office—and publishing software such as (InDesign, Publisher, or Pages), a color printer, an external hard drive for back-up, and secure Internet service.  There is a small budget for office supplies and materials.

This is a part time position working at home via electronic communications. This breaks down to 20 hours for routine communications support including a variable average of 10 hours a week for development work such as collaborative materials or outreach support tasks as determined by the Clerk of the Communications Committee or a designee.

The Coordinator would:

  • Collect and edit content from initiative working group members worldwide for electronic and print outreach, news and publicity
  • Enhance and maintain our websites and social media, and design and create publicity materials
  • Maintain routine office tasks including, but not limited to, tracking contacts and donors, updating and acting on the yearly meeting action calendar, and backing-up Council and Working Groups documents on GoogleDocs
  • Support volunteers to conduct effective outreach activities
  • Work on special projects as assigned

The Coordinator will work remotely and be supported by the Communications Committee and supervised by its clerk or designee. NOTE: This position is working primarily alone on the computer for $15/hour for 20 hours per week. See below for complete job description.

Friends Peace Teams

Friends Peace Teams (FPT) is a Spirit-led organization working around the world to develop long-term relationships with communities in conflict to create programs for peacebuilding, healing and reconciliation. FPT’s Initiatives build on extensive Quaker experience combining practical and spiritual aspects of conflict resolution. We use experiential methods that honor the dignity of every person, like the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), Trauma Healing, Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC), community reconciliation, and peace education to bring together people from different ethnic, political, gender, and religious backgrounds.

FPT supports three international initiatives that share a goal of grassroots peace building through local partnerships: the African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI), Peacebuilding en Las Américas (PLA), and the Asia West Pacific Initiative (FPT-AWP). Each has a diverse program that responds to a region’s unique history, culture, resources, and conflicts. Each initiative has local staff and is supported and guided by a working group of local and U.S. Friends.

Friends Peace Teams is a 501(c3) non-profit organization with a small budget raised entirely from donations by individuals and groups. FPT is governed by a Council comprised of volunteers and representatives from Yearly Meetings that meets via conference call every month and in person once a year.

Job Description:

1. Outreach:

  • Support Yearly Meeting Representatives’ outreach efforts
  • Organize events for Initiative Coordinators and international speakers
  • Coordinate with Communications Committee, Council, Initiative Coordinators and other relevant committees
  • Travel as agreed upon to represent FPT at relevant events and trainings

2. Written and Electronic Communications:

  • Create and update outreach materials and tools, such as presentation packages and table displays for YM Representatives, speakers and fundraisers, as well as materials for special events as requested and send to the Office Manager for distribution
  • Develop, update and keep active electronic files for editing and updating, such as• brochures, table displays, and thank you cards
  • Create content for FPT e-newsletter
  • Create content and seek content for Quaker online and print news. Seek opportunities to publish articles in publications from yearly meetings, local meetings, colleges, and schools and other organizations
  • Design and prepare advertisements working with a Council member(s), then submit to publications chosen
  • Update website and FPT social media with regular and relevant content

3. Operations

  • Correspondence: Answer incoming email correspondence and forward as needed
  • Format e-newsletter and other e-correspondence
  • Assist in editing and layout FPT print newsletter PeaceWays twice a year
  • Continue to build and update online database
  • Files: Maintain working files on Google Docs, and work with Office Manager to ensure that all documents are properly archived
  • Update lists with contact information and dates of affiliated YMs annually and send the information to the office for directory and calendar
  • Perform website maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Other duties include attending monthly conference calls and other meetings within the organization, attending annual Face to Face Meeting, and documenting and reporting hours worked.

To Apply:

Please send a resume and cover letter as a single PDF to applications@friendspeaceteams.org as soon as possible. We have already begun interviews in order to fill the position immediately, no later than September 30th, 2017.

Click to Download the FPT Communications & Outreach Coord Job Description