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  • PeaceWays Spring-Summer 2018 is Here

    A new issue of PeaceWays has arrived – PeaceWays Spring-Summer 2018 This PeaceWays contains annual reports for 2017 from the three Initiatives of Friends Peace Teams, Peacebuilding en las Américas (PLA), African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI), and Asia West Pacific (AWP) plus the Friends Peace Teams Council.

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  • PeaceWays Fall-Winter 2017-18 is Here

    Click here to view PeaceWays Fall-Winter 2017-18 This large issue of PeaceWays contains background information as well as project news from several countries for each of the three initiatives: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia in Peacebuilding en Las Américas (PLA); Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Ukraine and North Caucasus, and Korea in Friends Peace Teams in

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  • Taste of Empowerment: An Alternatives to Violence Workshop for Resettled Bhutanese

    Jamuna Shrestha was in the US from 17 May to 15 July 2017 for a speaking tour and to work with Bhutanese resettled in the US. She visited Friends Meetings in Cambridge and Wellesley MA, and Buffalo NY. She attended the Alternatives to Violece Project (AVP) USA’s national gathering and the Young

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  • Volunteer Spotlight: Coni Lustenberger

    Volunteer Spotlight: Coni Lustenberger

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  • Angry Mob

    Peacebuilding and Election Violence in Eastern Africa

    Some of the largest peace- building efforts, in terms of the numbers of people involved, that AGLI supports, concern elections. When large-scale violence erupted during the 2008 Kenya elections, it took everyone by surprise, including AGLI. Friends in Kenya, partly supported by AGLI, rushed to respond as well as they

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