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  • Position available: Initiative Coordinator, AGLI

    The African Great Lakes Initiative of the Friends Peace Teams (USA) is seeking a Coordinator for its peacebuildng programs in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. Experience in administration and fundraising along with a leading for this work are essential. For position details and an application, please email Parfaite Ntahuba at

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  • PeaceWays Fall-Winter 2016–17 is Here

    The peacebuilding training provided by Friends Peace Teams often produces positive effects that go beyond the immediate goals of the training.  Individuals’ lives, families, and communities are altered.  This issue delves into some of the reasons for these transformations and gives real-life examples. PeaceWays Fall-Winter 2016-17  

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  • Register for the 2017 International Peace Training

    2017 International Peace Training   Peace Place invites you to participate in this training on Empowerment, Resiliency, and Transformative Mediation with Nadine Hoover, Ann Dusseau and Renee Bove For educators, professionals, peace workers and community organizers, with a special focus on land rights activists   International Peace Training 12 –

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  • Announcing the 2017 FPT-AWP Peace Team to Indonesia and the Philippines

    2017 FPT-AWP Peace Team  to Indonesia and the Philippines   Register by 20 December 2016 • Contact us at for more information  You are invited to accompany Nadine Hoover on a visit with Nanik and Petrus at Peace Place and neighboring communities in Indonesia, and to accompany Valerie Joy and Nadine

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