Live Streaming/Video Update

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We hope you enjoyed the live stream of the keynote speaker last night until it went down. We are sorry to say technical challenges left us without live streaming today and so we will not have videos of the conference. We apologize for these problems

We do have a bit of good news. In the near future, the video that was presented in the Asia West Pacific Initiative workshop will be posted on our website. It will be edited so it can be used in any group setting and a member from the Initiative will be glad to join the group presentation via Skype. We are learning to take advantage of technology, even if we do have a few glitches along the way.

Live Streaming of the Celebration to Begin Soon

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Participants for our 20th anniversary celebration have been arriving all afternoon. I can their hear laughter and cheering as I am typing this message.

We will soon be settled in and enjoy listening to our keynote speaker, Carl Wilkens, whose talk is entitled “Experiences in Rwanda”. The talk begins at 7pm Eastern. We will attempt to live stream that talk and much of the rest of the celebration this weekend. Please click here for a complete copy of the current program. Please click here to go to the live link. If you have trouble with the live link, please go to the Peace Quest website for updates to the link.

20th Anniversary is Getting Exciting!

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We are getting a good response to our 20th anniversary celebration and we hope you will join us, as well! Sign up and put it on your calendar.

Baltimore, MD June 20-22

Please click here for a complete copy of the current program.

Financial Charts Available!

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FPT Pie Charts small

We have added some charts to our financial page that we hope will help our donors and anyone else who would like to learn more about how and where we spend the the money we receive. The charts are available in Excel. We hope you find them helpful. Please click here to go to the financial page.

Less than 2 Months for Your Chance to be Part of a Global Celebration!

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We will have have guests from Africa, Latin America, and Indonesia available to share their first hand experiences with you. In addition, there are numerous workshops available as well as pleasant Friendly musical entertainment. Please join us June 20-22 in Baltimore!

Please click here for a complete copy of the program.


Registration is now open. Please click here to learn more about registration for the conference.
If you are going to The Gathering, you’ll have just the right amount of time to enjoy a short vacation on the East Coast between the two events. We intentionally planned both the location and timing to allow Friends to attend both events.

PeaceWays Spring-summer 2014 is here

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PeaceWays Spring-Summer 2014 (click to view pdf)

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Friends Peace Teams!

- History of Friends Peace Teams and its three initiatives: African Great Lakes Initiative, Peacebuilding en las Américas, Asia West Pacific Initiative

- Major programs and recent deveopments

- Plans, schedule and registration form for the 20th anniversary celebration: PeaceQuest 2014, June 2-22, 2014



HROC Rwanda’s New Website

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In remembrance of the 20th anniversary of the genocide and war, and in honor of all the amazing peacebuilding and healing work being done by the staff of HROC Rwanda and every single one of the HROC workshop participants, we wanted to share with you HROC Rwanda’s new website! We hope that this website will serve to increase publicity and give you all an easy way to share information about HROC Rwanda with anyone in your circles who may be interested in the work. Check back with us often, as the staff in Rwanda will be keeping everyone up-to-date on the latest goings-on at the new HROC Center via the news blog!

  As we come to this 20th anniversary memorial week, please help us honor and recognize all those working so hard towards a healed and peaceful Rwanda by sharing our webpage with your family and friends.

Please Join Us for PeaceQuest 2014

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Please join us for our 20th anniversary celebration in Baltimore, Maryland June 20-22, 2014.

The celebration will consist of talks and workshops teaching about personal, local and global peace techniques and initiatives combined with a musical celebration for the occasion. Please click here for a complete copy of the program.

Registration is now open. Please click here  to learn more about registration for the conference.

We hope to see you in Baltimore!

2014 is the 20th year of Friends Peace Teams

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Written by Jenna Morales
Thursday, 05 September 2013 14:34
Please mark the date and consider joining us for a wonderful celebration of this wonderful work!
20th Anniversary


Join the Team in Kathmandu for the First AVP Workshops

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Written by Sarah Rozard
Monday, 04 March 2013 16:04

Join the Team in Kathmandu for

the First AVP Discernment Workshops

and AVP Trauma Workshops in Nepal

Dates: Tuesday April 16th to Wednesday May 1st
Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal
AVP: experience preferable
Contact: John Michaelis,


The kingdom of Bhutan, a small country bounded by West Bengal, Sikkim, Tibet and China, has interested me since I learned they base their economy on the GHI (Gross Happiness Index) rather than GDP (Gross Domestic Product). However, my opinion of Bhutan has changed since I learned that seventeen years ago they forced out more than 100 thousand of their population. Most of these were ethnic Nepalese and more than fifty thousand of them are still housed in refugee camps near Damak, in South East Nepal.

Escalating Violence
Substance abuse in the refugee camps – mainly alcohol consumption by men – has risen to the point where violence against women and children has become a serious problem.


Events to Date

There has been an active AVP group in Nepal since 2008. They requested training to run a series of workshops including T4Fs and in September last year Friends Peace Teams trained facilitators for that purpose. Twenty workshops, including two Training for Facilitators, were held in the refugee camps in the following three months.

fpt awpi nepal april june

Friends Peace Teams